Microsoft Word Training:

Creating Content

Managing documents

Formatting text (Font, Paragraph)

Cutting & Pasting (What is a MS Clipboard?)

Creating tables

Inserting graphics

Inserting special characters and symbols

Giving Commands in Outlook

Using Command Shortcuts

Using grammar, spell check and thesaurus

Navigating Word documents (Viewing options, Find/Replace/Go to)

Managing basic page setup and printing options

Saving your files (what is .doc, .txt, .rtf?)

Tools in Word

Managing and formatting content

Managing Toolbars

Using help, office assistant and research.

Using a template to create documents

Using auto text and auto correct

Using Style Panel and Paint Brush to format text

Formatting text (Column, Tabs)

Inserting hyperlinks

Creating and modifying lists and outline

Modifying tables

Modifying graphics

Working with Contacts

Organizing and Finding Information

Introduction to the Address Book

Adding a Contact

Adding a Contact from an E-mail

Editing and Deleting Contacts

Viewing and Sorting Contacts

Mapping a Contact’s Address

Working in a Contact Window

Finding and Organizing Contacts

Creating a Contact Group

Printing the Contacts List

Exploring the Folder List

Creating and Using Folders

Managing Folders

Using Instant Search

Refining a Search

Using Advanced Find

Creating and Using Search Folders

Modifying and Deleting Search Folders

Sorting and Grouping Information

Filtering Information

Using the People Pane List