Wireless Networking Training Cources(CWNA), CWSP, CWAP, CCNA Wireless, CDMP Training:

Beginning, intermediate and advanced wireless networking courses are based on modules that build upon existing skill sets. By combining courses with ongoing experience in the field, training graduates can sit for benchmark credentials offered by a number of professional organizations and vendor-specific testing entities. Typical wireless credentials include these:

  • CWTS, or Certified Wireless Technology Specialist: Enterprise Wi-Fi Fundamentals
  • CWNA, or Certified Wireless Network Administrator: Enterprise Wi-Fi Administration
  • CWSP, or Certified Wireless Security Professional: Enterprise Wi-Fi Security
  • CWAP, or Certified Wireless Analysis Professional: Enterprise Wi-Fi Analysis & Troubleshooting
  • CCNA Wireless, or Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless
  • CDMP, or Certified Data Management Professional: Comprehensive IT ratings that require a combination of education, experience and test-based examinations of professional level knowledge