Here is a outlay of our Search Engine Optimization Training Program. We promice you everything that will help you make the most out of your websites or make your a proficient SEO analyst. If you feel we are missing out on something just mention and we will cover it in details. For more clarification you can contact us right away.

Clear Idea about Web Technologies

Concentrating on Content

Client server technology.

Internet Fundamentals

Search Engines

Internet Marketing

Websites - blogs - articles

Creating Killer Content

Best use of page elements.

Keyword Analysis

Navigation and Usability

SEO Terminologies

Site navigation

Improving User Experience

Information Architecture

PR and other Ranking benchmarks

Types of SEO practices

On-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization

HTML basics

CSS basics

Meta Tags usage

Using Javascript to our Advantage

Graphics Optimization

Linking Strategies

Competitor Analysis

PR Sculpting

Link Baiting

Professional Article Exchange

Social Book Marking and Promotions

Directory submissions

Traffic Analysis

Misc Tools and Practices

Using Google Analytics

Tracking and improving conversions.

Google Webmaster Tools

Site Map Creators

Browser based analysis tools

Social Media Promotions basics

Pay per Click and Banner Promotions

Modelling the dimensional business process

Meeting the six challenges of BI with the BICC

Browsing your data and creating the appropriate schema

Navigating facts and dimensions

Selecting dimensions and traversing hierarchies

Supporting stakeholders

Sustaining business strategy

Sharing knowledge throughout the organisation

Building the BICC

Evaluating BI tools

Promoting expertise within your organisation

Producing a BICC functional checklist

Clarifying the roles of the BICC

Organising the BICC

Selecting criteria for BI tools

Slicing and dicing your data using multidimensional cubes

Examining the characteristics of a data mine

Reviewing data-mining tools

Surveying BI vendors

Leveraging performance measurement tools

Ability to deliver

Product completeness

Displaying information using digital dashboards

Defining effective key performance indicators (KPIs)

Communicating to stakeholders through scorecards