Network Security Training:

Overview of Network Security

The need for network security

The goals of network security

Security awareness

Functions of Network security administrator

Develop, Maintain and implement IT security

Maintain and implement firewalls

Monitor and secure network and servers

Monitor critical system files

Backup the files

Administrative Security Procedural Controls

External marking of media

Destruction of media

Sanitization of media

Construction, changing, issuing and deleting passwords

Transportation of media

Reporting of computer misuse or abuse

Emergency destruction

Media downgrade and declassification

Copyright protection and licensing

Documentation, logs and journals



Communication Security (COMSEC)

Functions of COMSEC custodian

identify and inventory COMSEC material

access, control and storage of COMSEC material

report COMSEC incidents

destruction procedures for COMSEC material

Functions of INFOSEC Officer

Functions of information resources management staff

program or functional managers

security office

senior management

system manager and system staff

telecommunications office and staff

Functions of audit office

Functions of OPSEC managers

Role of end users