Intuit QuickBooks Training Courses:

According to the technology review site, Intuit QuickBooks is "the top small-business accounting program." Offering a user-friendly way for small-business owners to maintain their general ledger, this program also includes functions that generate reports and invoices, manage payroll and keep track of vendors and customers. Mastering QuickBooks is a practical way for business owners and other accounting professionals to organize and analyze financial data.

Thorough training for Intuit QuickBooks can be completed in a relatively short amount of time - just days in some cases - through online and in-person seminars. These training sessions teach participants how to get started with QuickBooks and how to perform the following tasks:

Maintain lists of customers and vendors

Track sales using the Customer Center

Track purchases through the Vendor Center

Set up payroll schedules

Generate reports

Reconcile accounts

Intuit QuickBooks training sessions also cover the basic accounting knowledge needed to become a certified QuickBooks user.

Intuit QuickBooks Certification

Intuit training prepares students to pass a certification exam and become an Intuit QuickBooks Certified User. The certification exam is a proctored test that covers all of QuickBooks' major functions, including setting up company data files, tracking finances and accounting, and managing billing and payroll. Test takers are also expected to have a basic understanding of financial statements and cash and accrual reports.

Because the certification exam is offered at testing centers under the supervision of a proctor, employers view it as a valid confirmation of Intuit QuickBooks training. Test takers who pass the exam by 85 percent or higher may qualify to become a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and offer support to other QuickBooks users. An advanced certification exam is also available for those who have passed the basic certification exam.

Who benefits from QuickBooks training?

Intuit QuickBooks training isn't just for small-business owners. The following individuals may also benefit from Intuit QuickBooks certification:



Bookkeepers and accounting clerks work across industries and are responsible for financial record keeping. By understanding Intuit QuickBooks, these professionals can efficiently keep track of billing, expenditures, payroll and other financial data for their organizations.

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) can add Intuit QuickBooks Certified User or ProAdvisor to their resume to demonstrate their familiarity with the accounting software used by countless small businesses.


Heads of household.

Like small-business owners, treasurers for clubs and organizations need an efficient way to track income and expenses. Those without accounting experience can learn all they need to know through an Intuit QuickBooks training seminar.

Between paying for college, hiring help and itemizing tax deductions, household expenses can be complicated. Training for Intuit QuickBooks allows heads of household to centralize their financial information and know where their money goes.

Intuit QuickBooks training and certification offers professionals and non-professionals alike an efficient way to take charge of their finances.