Quark Training:

The Quark Interface

Page layout and design

Toolbox - Control Palette

Palettes and Preferences

Zoom control and shortcuts

Using the control palette

Page and Master set-up

Adding and using guidelines

Using ruler and guide snap

Dimensions and accuracy

Line, ellipse and box drawing tools

Using Colour

Pantones and Process

Preparing text externally

Preparing images for import

Creating & working with groups

Spacing and aligning items

Working with master pages

Page numbering

Working with Text

Working with Images

Kerning & Interactive text


Creating Style Sheets

Using the control palette

Page and Master set-up

Linking text boxes

Copy fitting and spacing


Text flow around images

Cropping and rotating

Scaling and moving

Scanning images correctly

Using EPS files

Printing and Output

Saving Time

Spot colour printing

Process colour printing

Working with Bureaus & Printers

Exporting as PDF for Internet

Using and designing styles

Using Templates & Libraries