Project Management Course Content:

Key project management concepts

Initiation phase

In this module we define project and project management, and clarify the role of project managers. We introduce the phases of a project life cycle, and the key knowledge areas that are crucial to the project management process.

Initiation is where the project starts to take shape. The project team creates a plan to accomplish the objectives with the time and budget available. In this module we also look at key project documentation arising out of the initiation phase.

The planning phase

Implementation and monitoring

It's time to plan the nuts and bolts of your project. In this module you'll learn how to create a work breakdown structure, use tools such as Gantt Charts and Network Diagrams, and apply strategies such as managing expectations, contingency planning, risk identification and communication planning.

It's now time to get to work and put your plans into action. Establishing a baseline and monitoring progress are key aspects of this stage. Ensuring accurate reporting, as well as troubleshooting problems and issues as they arise, will enable a successful project completion.

Closing the project

You've reached the point where all the tasks in your project plan have been checked off: the widget is built, the advertisements are on TV, and boxes are being shipped to customers. Before you consider the project complete, however, there are a few more things to be done to finish off and to learn from the experience: scope verification, completing and compiling all project documentation, evaluating the project and, of course, celebrating with the team.