Console Applications

Course Introduction Creating Simple C# Programs

Course Introduction

Lesson Introduction

Create a Simple C# Console Application

Use a Namespace

Comment Code

Create a Simple Class Library

Test a Simple Class Library

Create a Simple C# Windows GUI Application

Lesson Followup

Working with Classes Working with Methods

Lesson Introduction

Define and Use a Class

Use Access Modifiers

Define Namespaces

Declare an Abstract Class

Derive a Concrete Class from an Abstract Class

Use an Abstract Class and its Concrete Derived Class

Lesson Followup

Lesson Introduction

Implement Constructors

Implement a Destructor

Override a Method

Overload a Method

Overload an Operator

Pass Parameters

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Programming with Forms and Controls Writing Statements that Control Program Flow

Writing Statements that Control Program Flow

Create a Graphical Program Using Standard Built-in Controls

Create a Custom Control

Use Custom Controls on a Form

Lesson Followup

Lesson Introduction

Write Conditional Statements

Write Loop Statements

Write Jump Statements

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Using Types in C# Programming with Exceptions

Lesson Introduction

Use Predefined Data Types

Differentiate Between Reference and Value Types

Use Casting

Define and Use a Struct Type

Define and Use an Enum Type

Lesson Followup

Lesson Introduction

Catch Exceptions

Define Custom Exceptions

Throw Exceptions

Utilize the finally Keyword

Lesson Followup

Working with Interfaces Working with Arrays and Collections

Lesson Introduction

Define an Interface

Implement Interfaces in Derived Classes

Invoke Interface Methods

Lesson Followup

Lesson Introduction

Define a Rectangular or Higher-dimensional Array

Use a Rectangular Array

Define a Jagged Array

Use a Jagged Array

Choose and/or Create a Collection Type

Use A Collection Type

Lesson Followup

Working with Properties and Indexers Building and Deploying Assemblies

Lesson Introduction

Expose Properties

Expose Indexers

Lesson Followup

Lesson Introduction

Create an Assembly with the C# Command Line Compiler

Use Ildasm

Deploy an Assembly Locally

Create and Deploy a Shared Assembly

Lesson Followup