Agile Training Course; Agile Overview:

1. Agile Overview; Training Course Summary

2.What will I learn on the Agile Overview Training Course?

The Agile Overview training course provides managers & developers with an overview of the Agile Process. This Agile overview covers Agile methodologies and shows their relevance and practical use with regards to software development. It will enable you to plan migration to Agile from current practice & to understand existing Agile software development projects. The Agile Overview training course shows how Agile approaches maximise feedback through all stages of development to ensure robust solutions are developed that meet stakeholders’ needs.

Agile methods differ from each other in significant details but this course will give you an understanding the common elements of all successful agile methods, and the pitfalls that agile teams must avoid. Agile approaches can revolutionise the effectiveness of software development teams by providing continuous feedback to stakeholders on the scope, quality and velocity of the project. The Agile Overview training course will give you the ability to plan and implement the agile methodologies that are right for your own team and understand the benefits they should bring.

3. Agile Overview; Course Style 4. Agile Overview; Course Content

The Agile Overview training course is hands-on with practical exercises throughout. Hand outs will be provided to take back to the workplace.

• Introductions

• Roots and motives for Agile

• Agile Processes/Principles/Values

• Three Sprints in 15 minutes

• Agile in practice

• Planning and Estimating

• Tips, Tools and Books

• Discussion