Adobe Acrobat Training:

Working with the Basics

Viewing PDF Files

Working with PDF Documents, Starting Adobe Acrobat, Opening a PDF File, Using the Interface, Using Menu Commands, Displaying/Hiding Toolbars, Modifying the Tasks Toolbar, Moving a Toolbar, Changing Toolbar Options, Using the Navigation Pane, Using the Document Pane, Using Acrobat Help, Using the How To Pane

Navigating a PDF Document, Changing the Magnification, Using the Hand Tool, Using the Select Tool, Changing the Fit Size of a Document, Changing the Page Layout, Viewing a Document in Full Screen Mode, Viewing Multiple Presentations, Using the Search PDF Pane

Creating PDF Documents

Organizing PDF Documents

Creating a PDF from a File, Viewing/Setting Document Properties, Creating a PDF from Multiple Files, Creating a PDF from a Web Page, Creating a PDF from a Picture, Creating a PDF from a Microsoft Application, Opening Acrobat Distiller, Selecting a Default PDF Setting, Editing the Current Default PDF Settings, Setting Distiller Preferences, Using a PDF Settings File

Using Page Thumbnails, Moving Pages Using Thumbnails, Deleting Pages Using Thumbnails, Extracting Pages Using Thumbnails, Inserting Pages Using Thumbnails, Cropping Pages Using Thumbnails, Creating Headers/Footers, Creating Page Transitions, Rotating a Page, Creating a Background/Watermark from Text

Using Text & Preference Tools

Working with Comments

Using the Snapshot Tool, Using the TouchUp Text Tool, Changing Preferences

Using the Commenting Toolbar, Adding a Note, Reading & Editing Notes, Changing Comment Preferences, Changing Note Properties, Deleting a Note, Using Text Edit Tools, Using Highlighter Tools, Using the Stamp Tool, Creating & Managing Stamps, Attaching a File as a Comment, Viewing the Comments List

Adding Navigation Features

Using the Organizer

Creating Bookmarks, Moving Bookmarks, Using Bookmarks, Setting Bookmark Preferences, Creating Articles, Reading Articles, Creating Links

Using Organizer Features, Creating a New Collection, Adding a File to a Collection

Working with Drawing Markups

Working with Review Documents

Displaying the Drawing Markups Toolbar, Using the Callout Tool, Using Drawing Tools, Using the Dimensioning Tool, Using the Pencil Tool, Using the Text Box Tool, Deleting a Drawing Markup

Selecting a Review Process, Sending a PDF Document for Review, Reviewing a Tracked PDF Document, Tracking Reviewed Documents, Merging Comments, Exporting Comments, Importing Comments, Managing Comments, Selecting the Status for a Comment, Hiding & Showing Comments, Sorting Comments, Summarizing Comments, Printing a Comment Summary