Java/J2EE Modules:

Module 1: Core Java, JDBC Module 2: J2EE Concepts, Servlets, JSP, EL Expressions

Session 1: Platform Versions, JDK Architecture, Object Oriented Programming

Session 2: Java Data types, Control Statements

Session 3: Classes and Objects , Constructors and Overloading

Session 4: Inheritance, super and final keywords

Session 5: Polymorphism, Method Overriding

Session 6: Interfaces and Packages

Session 7: Exception Handling , Custom Exceptions Creation

Session 8: Threads, Producer Consumer Problem

Session 9: IO Streams, Serialization

Session 10: Generics, Collection Framework

Session 11: SQL Overview, MySQL Setup, JDBC Architecture, Driver Types Retrieve Data using JDBC from Database

Session 12: J2EE Architecture , Install Tomcat Server Tomcat hierarchy and Web Application Hierarchy

Session 13: Servlets, Servlet Life Cycle Servlet Config and Context

Session 14: Servlet Filters and Listeners, Session Management

Session 15: JSP Technology, JSP vs Servlets, JSP Tags , Implicit Objects

Session 16: EL Expressions, JSTL and Custom Tags

Session 17: Mini MVC Examples for Registration Project

Module 3: XML, Struts MVC Framework Module 4: Hibernate ORM Technology

Session 18: XML, XSD, DTD XML Parsing

Session 19: Struts Architecture, MVC Overview, Action Servlet, Request Processor

Session 20: Classes and Objects , Constructors and Overloading

Session 21: Using Struts Tag libraries, Data passing from JSP to Controller

Session 22: Struts Config xml file, Validation plug-in

Session 23: Hibernate Overview, JDBC vs ORM, Hibernate Configuration

Session 24: Hibernate hbm and Config xml file, Read and save data using hibernate Objects

Session 25: Using HQL, Hibernate Mapping and Examples

Session 26: IO Streams, Serialization

Session 27: Generics, Collection Framework

Session 28: SQL Overview, MySQL Setup, JDBC Architecture, Driver Types Retrieve Data using JDBC from Database

Module 5: Spring Framework Module 6: Web Services, Design Patterns

Session 29: Spring Overview, Spring vs Struts, Spring beans Configuration

Session 30: Spring Config xml file, Dependency Injection, Write Spring MVC Applications

Session 31: Spring Controller, spring framework handler configuration, View Resolvers

Session 32: Web Services Architecture, WSDL, SOAP and HTTP

Session 33: Configure Web Services, Testing web services using JMeter

Session 34: Design Patterns Overview, Singleton, DAO, MVC, Façade, Business Delegate

Module 7: JMS, JNDI, EJB, Ant, Ajax Module 8: Application Servers, CVS, JUnit

Session 35: EJB Architecture, Types of beans, MDB and Session beans.

Session 36: JNDI Overview, Directory Service , JNDI looup and examples

Session 37: JMS Architecture, Configuring Topic and Queue on Application Server

Session 38: Log4j Configuration, Ajax Overview, Ajax Framework

Session 39: Testing, writing a test case, Test Suite, Test Runners

Session 40: Application Servers, CVS Source Control, Debugging Java Application